Hilary Moore is a London, UK based food photographer, providing high quality food photography

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Food Photographer, London, UK, Hilary Moore

Hilary Moore is a London Based Photographer specialising in Food photography. Working both digitally and with conventional means, Hilary works for a variety of international clients and agencies.

To find out more please contact to arrange to view a portfolio.

Hilary Moore,
Westminster Business Square,
Unit E309,
1 - 45 Durham Street,
SE11 5JH

Telephone: 020 7735 9595
Fax: 020 7735 5559
Mobile: 07836 362506
Email: info@hilarymoorephoto.com

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Halloumi salad


Dhruv Baker's fillet of beef

Fish and Chips

Alex Rushmer's Pea & Pigeon


Birds Eye

Summer Fruit Meringue

Chocolate swirl

Baked Beans

Richmond Ham

Burger King


Burger King

Fish Nets

Fish Garland

Razor Clams

Eel Chain

Orange and Cinnamon


Squid Ink

Prawn Heart

Kandula Tea


Vegetable Terrine


Chinese chive flowers



Rotting Fennel

Burger and Chips

Sausages and Mash

Raspberry and Blueberry Jam


Potato Skins

Melting Lollies

Strawberry cheesecake

Russian Standard Vodka

Marshmallow Shake

Bel Boursin

Bel Boursin

Bel Boursin

Peroni Giorgio Locatelli



Observer Food Monthly

Peroni Giorgio Locatelli

Peroni Giorgio Locatelli

Peroni Giorgio Locatelli

Bel Boursin

Agency: DLKW

Agency: DLKW

Morrisons DLKW

Morrisons DLKW

Agency: Live & Breathe

Fairy Cakes

Blueberry Ice Cream

French Onion Soup


Pan-fried Bream

Divine Chocolate Brownies

Divine. Choc hazlenut pudding

Divine Chocolate. Earl Grey Cake

Raspberries and Blackberries

Autumn Fruit Meringue

Birds Eye

Diplom-is Ice Cream

Keogh's Crisps

Pancakes with Goats cheese & Pea shoots

Dancing Pea shoots

Observer Food Monthly

Observer Food Monthly

Observer Food Monthly

Divine Chocolate

Observer Food Monthly

Egg Whisk

Squashed Tomato

Toffee Apple

Kandula Iced Tea

Ketchup & Chips!

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Bacon, mushroom and pearl barley broth

Observer Food Monthly


Ice Cream Bouquet


Birds Eye

Green's packaging

Birds Eye

Raspberry Cream

Green's Packaging

Green's packaging

Birds Eye

Chosen Bun Company

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka



Sausage in a bun

Edible flower Bouquet

Plum Pie

Syrup Pudding

Pulled Pork

Fish Pie

Planet Ice Cream

Fish Pie

Roasted Tomatoes.

Jenga Sausages!

Jenga Cheese

Jenga Fish Fingers!

Ogilvy and Mather

Ogilvy and Mather

Ogilvy & Mather

Physalis/Chinese Lanterns


Icelandic Poppies

Berryoska Cocktail


Gourmet Lasagne


Moroccan Chicken


Client: Gaggenau. Black Garlic

Client: Gaggenau. Himalayan rock salt.



Number of Clients: 1

Heinz Birds Eye Knorr Burger King Kerry Foods Carr’s Wall’s Goodfella’s Purina Friskies Dunnes Burton’s Uncle Ben’s Robinson’s Tesco Butlers Bel Boursin Dolmio

Coles Kerrygold Big Al’s Laughing Cow Mattessons M&S Phileas Fogg KFC Richmond Sausages Activia McVities Ross United Biscuits Divine Flora Kandula Tea Company Frico Peroni

Observer Food Monthly Carte D'or Cinnamon Hill Weight Watchers Yoplait Green's Kingsmill Cornetto Morrisons